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Tips on Buying Cosmetics Online

Buying cosmetics online is a newfound convenience for many women all over the world. But to others it still is an uncommon way of purchasing their personal care items for various reasons. For one thing, not being able to see up close and touch the product before purchasing is still too risky for many consumers. Also, for those who haven’t really been purchasing anything from the Internet, they can immediately be overwhelmed by the process that’s so unusual for them.

But there are some very simple steps you can try and you’ll be able to enjoy the ease and other advantages of purchasing from the Web. Here are some suggestions to make your online shopping hassle-free.

You need to find out first what type of cosmetics you’re looking for. Use search engines like Google to find out the brands and exact product names that are available today. When searching, use terms that are specific enough to target what you need or want, but not too particular to eliminate possible alternatives that could be better than what you’re thinking of. For instance, you can use the words “liquid foundation,” instead of just “makeup.” The search engine will then generate the latest lines of liquid foundation in different shades, coverage, and other specifications. You can then look at the product descriptions and zero in on the product that you really want to buy.

Product reviews by actual buyers are all over the Internet, too. This is a good tool to help you decide if, indeed, what you’re planning to buy is worth it and if the vendor is trustworthy. Of course, be cautious about referring to online reviews and forums. There’s a good chance that you’ll come across people who pose as customers, but are actually the vendors themselves promoting their goods or trash-talking their competitors.

Buying beauty products online has become attractive to many women, also because of the many generous offers provided by manufacturers and distributors alike. Others have also discovered the satisfaction of consulting price comparison sites, which feature official product distributors. They’re able to know which Internet-based store can give them the best possible price for the product that they want by inquiring on just one website.

One last but important thing: be sure to read all the terms and conditions offered by the vendor from whom you intend to buy. Read everything you can on their site about their payment process, shipping system, privacy policy, and return and exchange guidelines. Make sure you understand all their procedures and policies prior to purchasing. If you need to clarify things, call their customer service number even before you put in any information about yourself.

Source by Amber Nichols

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Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturers

After the outsourcing wave of the early 90s “Private labelling” (a.k.a White label) is becoming the ‘new Normal’ for brand positioning.

They are products or services are typically those manufactured or provided by one company for offer under another company’s brand. They are goods and services are available in a wide range of industries from food to cosmetics offering benefits to all the parties involved specially to consumers.

In fact in the book “Private Label Strategy: How to Meet the Store Brand Challenge” by Nirmalya Kumar… says it all, proving that private label sales are large and growing, and gives a tough competition to the major & established mega brand manufacturer’s clout and profits.

So there really are no good counter-strategies, except to reduce costs and perhaps spiff up packaging, advertising.

Well.. The above is no-where more true than for the cosmetic Industry – As with any industry This holds a win-win Practice for all involved so also specially for the highly competitive cosmetics market as it is often positioned as reasonably priced alternatives to regional, national or international cosmetic brands aided by eCommerce portals.

Thus the web online presence allows it to easily scale up & climb the value chain since in the recent years some private label cosmetic brand manufacturers have been positioned as “premium” brands developers to compete with existing “name” brands.

Web Rationalization for Cosmetics manufacturers using “Outsourcing”

A company ‘X’ using this strategic method can collaborate with the manufacturer to create a custom blend, which is pretty cost effective and also guarantees that the product is uniquely branded via online presence. Or a company can purchase whatever stock blends they carry, clearly a much cheaper option.

Private Label is done by many well-known brands manufacturers too so Manufacturers NEED to know what consumers truly feel about private label versus national brands, and how these white label brands are working to build their own brand fans.

These outsourcing cosmetics companies in this day and age of online marketing like to stay current with trends, regulations, quality packaging and ingredients, and all the factors that make a good beauty product continue to be vitally necessary to private label beauty product developers.

With the right “lab-to-market” mix, outsourcing companies can yield some spectacular results.

Thus “Private label” based cosmetics products segment is the driving force behind the decision of some companies to enter new market segments where some other brand of a similar company had made them famous (e.g., apparel companies launching perfumes)

As such white label may be extremely profitable for cosmetic companies having niche products ready to grab the larger market share for certain health & cosmetic products that enjoy high customer recognition due to a similar brand presence.

Source by Kanchan Narendra Joshi

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Faberlic Cosmetics – Who Are They And What Do They Do?

Q: What does Oxygen and Faberlic Cosmetics have in common? A: Everything – they use it in their cosmetics! Maybe you do not yet know about this Russian company. Recent research shows that 49,5000 global searches are made for it monthly, so it seems there are plenty who are aware of both the name and product. Join me in finding out more about Faberlic Cosmetics – who are they and what do they do?

Faberlic is a multinational cosmetics company that operates in 18 countries. Its name is made up of part Latin and part Slavic meanings: “Faber – master” and “lik – face painting”. Founded in Russia in 1998 and using its slogan “cosmetics necessary as oxygen”, they have built a modern multi-national business. They proudly use recent discoveries made by Russian scientists – most notably, the use of oxygen in cosmetics.

Using research that 21% of oxygen in the atmosphere is required to maintain well-being, a drop in atmospheric oxygen reduces it to around 17-18%, and then we experience feelings of fatigue or even depression.

Noting that skin reacts to this deficit by a premature aging process and reduction in skin firmness and elasticity, Faberlic are the first company in the cosmetics industry to introduce oxygen cosmetics to help combat these signs and uses your own skin cells to do the work.

In its unique component NOVAFTEM-02, oxygen is used to replenish vital skin cell forces externally in cream, which is said to supply skin cells with oxygen for 8 hours. Proud to have bagged international diplomas and medals, it is in fact is a very international company – apart from the creams produced in Russia, their fragrances are produced in France, and cosmetics in Italy.

Faberlic is obtainable as a home business by becoming a consultant using the party plan – or direct sales method. Joining is a process of simply filling out an online form to be put in touch with a representative located near you. They will become your trainer and help you through the registration process. There is no monthly minimum order requirement and you can expect to receive up to 30% back in commission. It does not say how much the start up fee is – just that major capital investment is not required.

All told, Faberlic is a very modern company with an ultra-modern product. Since it has been going from strength to strength for 13 years, there is a great deal of confidence exuding from the company both in its product and business opportunity.

If you want to build a good home based business with this multi-national company, I suggest that you also increase your marketing skills to learn as many different ways as possible to generate income.

Source by Olive Bush

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Cosmetic History – Makeup Now and Then

With the introduction of so many amazing new products in the world of cosmetics, you will think that these makeup and other beauty products were discovered just now. But then, the history of cosmetics can be traced back to ancient times, from the era of ancient Egypt to be exact.

With this said, we can then say that this cosmetic history is truly very rich. To begin with, makeup had already been used by both men and women thousands of years before, and this can be proven by the Archaeologists’ discovery of numerous jars of makeup items inside the Egyptian tombs that dates back to around 3000 BC.

We all know that in the past, Egyptians worked hard and were exposed to the heat of the sun in the desert for long periods. And so, in order to fight off the scorching heat, they formulated a product which is very similar to the lotions that we have today, specifically, the lotions that relieve dry skin and help in preventing wrinkles at the same time.

The Egyptian women also started using kohl to line their eyes. Kohl is a chemical element that contains antimony or lead sulfide. This eyeliner was typically used by both men and women as an eye shadow. The most commonly used color for this was green.

Though we are aware that lead has some toxic properties, sadly, the people in the early times did not have any clue that their makeup or cosmetics were slowly poisoning them. Furthermore, in the relics of Babylon, experts had unearthed white lead that was most likely applied as a foundation in order to make the face look lighter or whiter. The Greeks were also found to have been using the white lead for the mere purpose of enhancing their skin tones.

This fad of having a paler look had escalated until the middle of the 19th century. During this time, most women and some men wanted to have a pale looking face. They thought that this look was a mark of aristocracy, particularly for people who did not have to bake under the sun while tilling the fields and eventually get a darker complexion in the process.

And as proof that people went totally gaga over this lighter skin tone thing, women even went to such extremes of making themselves bleed just to make their faces appear pale. But of course, the habit of using white powder and paint was still there to go with the bleeding practice.

By the dawn of 1600, the trendy look did not just comprise of pale skin tone, as there was already the addition of red lips, pink cheeks, and brighter eyes. A blusher or makeup of either red or brown shades was commonly put on the cheeks and lips as well. However, in attaining the big eyes, women once again resorted to another toxic element which was arsenic. They also rinsed out their eyes with certain acidic juices like lemon and orange. In exaggerated instances, women even used hallucinogenic belladonna which came from the lethal nightshade plant. This is usually dropped in the eyes so as to enlarge the pupils to achieve dreamy gentle looking eyes.

At last, after thousands of years, people have become wiser and more concerned about the things that they put on their body and this is how they were able to find out that they are actually getting poisoned little by little and that the culprit is the toxic ingredients in makeup or cosmetics. As a result, in this present century, medical experts have finally started to attempt to regulate the ingredients of cosmetics so that users will be safer and will avoid getting toxic lead, mercury, aluminum, coal, etc., to run inside their bodies with the skin or mouth as the entry point. However, in the US, the Cosmetic Industry continues to fight the regulation of ingredients used in the manufacture of personal care products.

In conclusion, this is not the end of the history of cosmetics as it is certain that there will be more new products to come and we all know that anything goes in the 21st century. Take the wrinkle fillers, non-surgical cosmetic procedures, and the creation of facial enhancers like Botox as examples. All of these cosmetics, to beautify a person, are gaining huge followers, but continue to be filled with toxins.

With this, we can say that all the products that are yet to come in the future will all be directed at making us look as if 15 years has been subtracted from our original age, but at what cost! Interesting indeed, right?

Source by Al J. Spicoli

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Disadvantages of Using Cosmetics

Although cosmetics can make you look more attractive in a matter of few minutes, these chemical compounds can have more disadvantages than what you might have thought of. Yes, there is no doubt that they offer advantages such as beautifying oneself to enhance appearance and boost confidence. They help to cover any marks or dark spots on the face providing for a better appearance. However, the disadvantages of cosmetic products far outweigh the advantages.

As these products are made up of different chemical compounds, they can pose a threat to your skin if used too frequently or over used. Some people may be allergic to certain chemicals that may be contained in these products. Therefore when purchasing, we should always read up on the package the ingredients that is used in making the product. Certain chemicals can cause reactions on skin and instead of beautifying you, they may cause your face to have skin infections and in some cases pimples. If you were to apply a lot of different creams and other forms of cosmetics, they may also pose a threat to your skin as a combination of various different cosmetics may not be good.

If you are using a certain type of cosmetic product, you should stick to it and not change too frequently as it can cause your skin to react to the different chemicals constantly being applied. Also, if you use cosmetic products too frequently, you may not realize that it is actually affecting your skin. But as you age, you would be able to see the effects. You should always consult your dermatologist if you are unsure if a certain product would be suitable to your skin type. If used without care, it can cause irritation to your skin.

Cosmetic products can also be costly therefore; you should refrain from using them too often. You would not want to be spending half of your salary on these products. Once your skin gets used to make-up being constantly applied onto it, you would have no other option but to continue. Otherwise, your skin would not look good in its natural state.

There are natural methods you could use to beautify your skin and hair instead of using cosmetic products. This could help you in several ways such as saving a lot of money and ensuring your skin stays in its natural condition. Some forms can be eating certain food and recipes that would give you smooth skin and strong shiny hair. For example, research has shown that eating fruits and vegetables actually strengthens your hair and makes it healthy. These methods are not only good to the skin but may even benefit your body in other ways besides providing beautifying effects such as keeping you healthy.

There are always alternatives that you can use to look beautiful instead of simply over using cosmetic products. To a certain limit, cosmetic products can be applied. But if over used, they can be more harmful instead of being beneficial. You can choose to buy the right colored clothes that would suit your skin tone; a natural and easy way to look better. Working out at the gym to get toned and look more attractive can be another method. It simply depends on what you choose to take up. You should make decisions you wouldn’t want to regret.

Source by Amrit Pal

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Germaine De Capuccini: A Holistic Name in the World of Cosmetics

Use of cosmetic products for looking good has become a common practice in recent years among men and women of all age groups. And therefore going through the increasing craze of people towards these products you can find a plethora of manufacturers offering a wide range of cosmetic products that are endorsed to give the desired results within the short span of time by their regular use. Well, before you proceed ahead, let us point out the reasons due to which both men and women are crazy towards these products.

In this regard it will be interested to know that users of such products are not only the mature people, but also by the young people who have to move at different places for their academic and professional reasons. In short, it can be said that today every person whether he is a man, woman, boy or a girl everyone is making use of these products to get rid of their skin problem. Now, the question arises that why do people make use of these products.

You will agree that looking good is the desire of every person without any sexual differences and age groups. But, as the age of a person grows the marks of growing age start emerging on their face in the form of wrinkles and deeper lines around cheeks and foreheads. Apart from this the marks of growing age could also be witnessed on the different organs of the body, interestingly on the organs that are visible like hands, feet etc.

To get rid of these growing marks, today there are different types of lotions, creams, face packs, etc are available in the market which are claimed to minimize these marks of growing age. According to the manufacturers of these products the regular use of these products will help in not only removing the marks of growing age, but also make the skin look glowing and blushing as the people had during their teenage.

Similarly, today going through the increasing competition in every field the youths are getting concerned towards their academic and professional growth, due to which they have to move from one place to another under varied environmental conditions, especially the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Along with this at the same time they also have to combat with the problem of pollution. The combination of all these elements results in the emergence of different skin problems, due to which the marks of growing age start appearing on their face at an early age. Interestingly, to enjoy the pleasure of beautiful and glowing skin, they also prefer to make use of different cosmetics available in the market.

But, how to find the authentic products is the question of concern among them. Because taking the advantage of people towards the use of these products, there are various fake manufacturers in the market that offer the products which, although show positive results in the short span of the time, but adversely leave different types of side effects. Going through this problem, it becomes difficult for the user to trust on these products.

However, there are various genuine manufacturers like Germaine de Capuccini which adopt a holistic approach towards the manufacturing of such products. The products manufactured by the such groups are enriched with natural elements and do not harm the skin of the users. The worth mentioning feature of the products offered by such groups is that the user do not require to make their use throughout his life and within the span of the use he is able to enjoy everlasting results on his skin.

Anyhow, the question of how to buy these products, however, still remains unanswered, in their regard there are certain factors to consider which are referred below:

1. Do not buy the products that are enriched with mineral oil: The main reason due to which different types of skin problems takes place are blockage of the pores that facilitates the flow of air inside our skin. Although the use of mineral oil looks like very healthy and natural, but on the contrary it blocks the pores. It would be therefore better to not buy such products which are developed by making the use of elements like mineral oil.

2. Products with fragrance: Although, the odor of cosmetic products smells very good, but sometimes use of products with fragrance could be harmful for your skin. Because the product that you apply on your skin will be naturally absorbed by it. Some fragrances can be harmful for the skin and can damage it badly. Moreover, nowadays there is an increase in the number of persons suffering from the perfume allergy. Use of such products will result in the emergence of extra problem for which the person might visit to the doctor.

3. Products with alcohol: Alcohol is not only harmful to your health, but also for your skin and makes it dry due to its high volatility. If you apply the products enriched with alcoholic elements they will immediately evaporate, thus making your skin dry and hard, without leaving any mark of moisture on your face.

In simple words it can be said that if you are planning to buy skin care product, it would be better to the products manufactured by the renowned manufacturers, without getting impressed by the manufacturers offering the same products with low price tag.

Source by Kamal Swami

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What is a Functional Cosmetic and How Do These Products Work?

Cosmetic consumers are a smart bunch. For years, the cosmetics industry plied its buying public with a huge range of skin creams, anti-wrinkle treatments and a host of other products, all promising to miraculously regenerate aging skin into dewy, soft skin in the first flush of youth. The bitter truth was that many of these products didn’t work, and consumers got tired with parting with their hard-earned cash on pots of cream that just didn’t work.

That was until a new type of cosmetic came along that seemed to have much more to offer than just good moisturising properties – functional cosmetics.

Prevention and symbiosis

The buying public is much smarter than advertisers would have you believe. They understand that prevention is far better than a reactive approach to enhancing and maintaining their good looks. This is why more consumers are adopting functional beauty regimes to reverse the signs of aging. Nearly half of skincare sales are in facial, hand and body care, and it is a market worth billions of pounds every year. In recent years, reports have shown that there has been a shift towards cosmetic products with health benefits, rather than just aesthetic value. The rise of functional ingredients backed by scientific research has been a contributing factor in creating this ground shift. Ingredients including vitamins, minerals and essential oils have all been increasingly incorporated into cosmetic products with the aim of imparting sought-after functionality. The theory is that functional cosmetics aren’t just good for fighting off the signs of aging – they’re good for your whole body.

This symbiotic approach to functional cosmetics isn’t just a fad that means manufacturers add the latest ‘natural’ ingredient to their product and market it as a miracle cure for wrinkles. The hype is actually backed up with hard, scientific facts and a plethora of research into the properties of a wide range of plant extracts, often taken from plants referred to as ‘super-herbs’.

Collagen – the perfect example of functional cosmetics at work

Take, for example, the subject of collagen. The principal protein in connective tissue, collagen is a fibrous, structural molecule that provides strength and elasticity to tissue, skin, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and bones. Synthetic collagen is a miracle for clinical cosmetics, but the discovery of Functional Keratin by scientists working on the research and development team of an anti aging skin care company in New Zealand is just as miraculous for the functional cosmetics industry. Functional Keratin has been found to elevate the production rate of not only the body’s collagen, but elastin as well. It works in harmony with the body’s natural biological systems to stimulate the natural growth of both collagen and elastin, encouraging it to work naturally, rather than relying on an injection of synthetic collagen or using a product that has synthetic collagen as an active ingredient. And it seems to work far more effectively than any synthetic substance the scientists can come up with.

Having the ability to simply grow your own collagen at a much higher rate eliminates the need for taking collagen injections, thereby removing the introduction of a synthetic drug into your system. The increase in structural tissue that is naturally produced will be enough to make a real difference in skin tone and condition. Some products also contain an ingredient that will raise the amount of hyaluronic acid present in the skin, improving the texture of the skin.

This is why the interest in functional cosmetics is growing, and expect to see this currently unknown phrase cropping up in articles, advertising and packaging across the board. Functional cosmetics, up until now primarily associated with cosmetic dentistry, has made the leap into the wider market and is promoting a more natural way of fighting the signs of aging skin and combating wrinkles – not through synthetic means but by working in synergy with the body’s natural ability to heal itself. This holistic approach is bound to be popular with a public who are becoming increasingly wary of synthetic products that promise the earth, but rarely deliver results.

Source by Allen Masters

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Cosmetics in Everyday Life

Cosmetics have been in high demand for long, but change in social norms due to advancement in technology and fashion trends has raised the demand and glamor of cosmetics use to considerable height. The use of cosmetics has gained popularity in all walks of life, and all age groups. Previously it was the younger generation only which had the use of everyday cosmetics as a central activity in their social life cycle.

The use of cosmetics has become such a necessity that not anyone can avoid its use anymore. The increase in social activities, functions, parties, dating, relationships, media appearances, and gatherings has multiplied the demand of cosmetics by many times. People have now choices of personal brands, according to likes, age, skin color, and profession.

The sudden rise of cosmetics popularity has led to more innovations and related industries are now putting more resources into research, social surveys, advertising, and mass production. Thus, a whole new cycle of economic boom has evolved. The talcum powders and face creams were once the only candidates to be considered into cosmetics category, but now a number of new items have made a huge list. To look beautiful is everyone’s desire. Varieties like shampoos, beauty soaps, deodorants, conditioners, skin cleansing creams, face lotions, body lotions, perfumes, nail polish, sun-screens, quick blushers, moisturizers, eye shades, lipsticks, lip gloss sticks, lip liner, eye pencils, eye liners, mascara, kohl liners, foundation, face powder, hair gel, glitter, and toners can be found on dressing table of any girl.

Manufacturers have introduced separate line of brands and products for hair, skin, face, skin problems, and beauty enhancement. The lavish and glamorous advertising has attracted the masses. With such a huge variety, one has to take extra care while selecting the right products for him or her. The requirements and needs of every individual are different. It depends on many factors including age, taste, personality suiting, skin nature, and dressing patterns.

Source by Jennifer Panama

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Uses of Cosmetics

Cosmetics have been in use since ages for improving the appearance of the person wearing them. Beauty cosmetics can make a drastic change in a person’s features, as they enhance the best features and cover the blemishes.

People use lotions and creams to cleanse the skin deeply. This is not possible with regular soap and water. Deep cleansing opens the skin pores and removes other underlying pollutants. Blocked pores lead to the formation of acne and beauty cosmetics prevent this from happening.

At the same time, we cannot remove some imperfections so easily. Blemishes and dark spots are very common on most people’s skin. The use of makeup, such as a good concealer can effectively cover up the imperfection. This results in a skin, which looks flawless. Makeup foundation is very useful in covering up imperfections, while giving the skin a smooth finish at the same time.

Makeup is a branch of cosmetics that deals with colored products that beautify a person’s features or occasionally change them, such as in theatre. Different makeup is available for different parts of the face. However, sometimes, an alternative product provides the same effect. For example, a woman may use lipstick in place of blush to obtain a better definition of the cheeks.

Eye makeup is a very important part in any type of makeup. Highlighting the eyes is often the only cosmetic procedure followed by women. This is especially true for women, who lead busy lives. Defining the eyes alone can lighten up the face.

Eye makeup products include mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow. Occasionally, women also use makeup on their eyebrows. People use mascara to lengthen and give volume to their eyelashes. Eyeliner, on the other hand, defines the shape of the eyes. Eye shadow puts emphasis on the eyelids. Defining eyebrows usually utilizes an eyebrow pencil. The entire idea of eye makeup rests on the premise that larger eyes make the person look more youthful.

Lipstick defines the shape and the volume of the lips and a lip plumper gives an illusion of more volume. Powder works like a concealer, except that it might also give the person a fairer appearance. Other beauty cosmetics include nail polish, blush, and rouge and so on.

People use makeup, because it gives them a better appearance than natural. This increases their confidence and allows them to carry themselves confidently.

Makeup is safe as long as one applies it safely. Especially with eye makeup, one needs to take great care, as eyes are extremely delicate and sensitive. As long as the application is right and the product is safe, the user will not have any problems with makeup.

Thus, cosmetics are an important part of a modern person’s life, as it gives him/her a safe alternative to surgery in order to enhance the facial features. With the application of cosmetics, one can easily achieve smooth features and thus, feel more confident in every sphere of life.

Source by Robart Alex

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The Importance of Cosmetics Today

Cosmetics are used to enhance your appearance. Makeup has been around for many centuries. The first known people who used cosmetics to enhance their beauty were the Egyptians. Makeup those days was just simple eye coloring or some material for the body. Now-a-days makeup plays an important role for both men and women. That’s right, even men have become more beauty conscious and are concerned about their looks.

Cosmetics can be produced in the organic and hypoallergenic form to meet the demands of users. Makeup is used as a beauty aid to help build up the self esteem and confidence of an individual. The importance of cosmetics has increased as many people want to stay young and attractive.

Cosmetics are readily available today in the form of creams, lipstick, perfumes, eye shadows, nail polishes, hair sprays etc. Other cosmetics like face powder give glow to the skin after applying the base cream. Then we have lipsticks, which are applied by many women of all ages. They are made from wax and cocoa butter in the desired amount.

Cosmetics like creams, gels, and colognes are used on a daily basis by both women and men. Creams act as a cleanser for the face in many circumstances. More recently anti ageing creams have been manufactured which can retain younger looking skin for many years. The best cleansing agents are cleansing cream, soap and water. Cosmetic creams serve as a skin food for hard, dry and chapped skin. It mainly lubricates, softens and removes unwanted dirt from the skin. Some popular fat creams that are used include Vaseline and Lanolin. Dry creams are used in the manufacture of soap and gelatin which is used as a base for the skin.

Hair care has become one of the fastest developing markets in the beauty industry. Many young men turn to oils and gels to maintain and style their hair. Products like hair gels, oils, and lotions have been introduced in the market to help protect hair fall and dandruff.

Some professions, like the show business industry, focus on the importance of the outer appearance. Many personalities and artists have utilized makeup to beat the harsh lights and the glare of camera flashes. They very well know the importance of their looks and maintain them by using a variety of cosmetics. Their appearance is their most valuable asset and they take every endeavor to appear as the fans want them to appear.

Recent research has shown that makeup helps in protection from harmful rays of the sun. Many beauty products manufacturers have utilized the needs of people to protect themselves and their skin from the rays of the sun. This is a great achievement because earlier make up and sun protection could not blend together.

Cosmetics help to enhance our appearance and make us feel more confident. With more cosmetics on the market today than ever before, it becomes obvious to us that they play a great role in our everyday life.

Source by Natalie Roy